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Helen is a wonderful piano teacher. She is kind, patient, professional and flexible. We are very lucky to have her.    

Hongwei D.

Ms. Chang is a great and experienced piano teacher both in playing and theory. She helped me to develop my own musical style while honing my technical skills. Under her guidance, I was able to pass my level 12 AIM exam with a very high score. I highly recommend her!!


Bryan W.

Helen is an amazing teacher for both of my kids. My son was initially unenthusiastic learning piano, but Helen didn't give up on teaching him. She kept finding pieces he would like and encouraged him patiently. Eventually she instilled in him a love for classical music and playing piano, and now he is excited to practice every day and listens to classical music for fun!
Thanks to Helen, both my kids learned discipline, patience, and hard work through the journey of playing piano. Not only have they been doing well in piano competitions and music exams, but they have also applied these skills academically and are more well-rounded.

Sharon Y.

Helen Chang's determined, gentle and kind nature translates to her teaching style. She is tough when it comes to technique, always modeling better hand position and timing, and extraordinarily patient when it comes to encouraging and nudging toward success a student like me (69 years old), who had not taken formal piano lessons for more than fifty years. Helen created a specific program just for me. She let me choose familiar pieces...while, at the same time, helping me to explore new modern pieces and iconic composers as varied in style and era as George Gershwin and the Beatles. I asked to learn music theory and Helen, utilizing her deep knowledge of all areas of music, started me off in just the right place with a series of theory workbooks while, at the same time, carefully choosing coinciding music pieces to broaden my general music learning. Working with Helen became an exciting journey, rediscovering my past and building my confidence, so I could start on a new road of music exploration into the future.

Gail D.

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