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Image by Lorenzo Spoleti

Teaching Philosophy           

The First Note


When a student enters my classroom, I try to spark a curiosity for learning while developing a solid foundation of music reading and music appreciation.  I aim to teach with compassion and approach students as individuals with different interests and needs. Students are encouraged to be sensitive to tone and dynamics as well as posture and physical awareness of the keyboard.

Learning Content


In my lessons, students learn fluent piano technique, music reading and piano theory, improvisation, transposition, playing ensembles as well as the masterpieces by world-renowned composers. I strive to make each lesson customized and fun so students learn music they love to play!  Short and long term goals including daily practice are clearly outlined so students feel a sense of achievement and gain self-confidence as musicians. 

Performing Opportunities


After learning the basics of piano, students can participate in the formal recitals twice a year, as well as piano exams through ISMTA or various local and regional competitions! Informal repertoire and studio classes allow students to play for each other with more frequency. Sharing what they learn is an integral part of learning in addition to personal enjoyment!

Piano and Me


I believe piano playing is about recreating living art through understanding, discipline and personal connections.  To be able to truly appreciate a piece after studying its character, analyzing its structure, discovering its subtleties and ultimately playing it with control and expression is what gives me the most fulfillment.  It never crossed my mind to become the best pianist, but rather, pursue to understand and re-live the art as well as I can.

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